Flea Killer PLUS: How it Works

    How does it work?
  • Adult Fleas Die
  • No New Ones Hatch
    What could be easier than that?

Flea Killer PLUS is a real 1, 2 punch.

The Nitenpyram,

which is the active ingredient in Capstar, kills fleas right away. It starts working 15 minutes after administration, and within 30-45 minutes, they are all dead. It is 100% effective for up to 48 hours. You can't beat that!

The Lufenuron,

which is the active ingredient in Program, takes longer to work. It is like birth control for fleas. It goes into the fat cells of the body, and is slowly released throughout the month. Any flea biting the pet cannot lay eggs that hatch, so over time, no new fleas develop. Any baby larvae that eat the flea dirt won't grow up to be a biting adult either.

So, the Flea Killer PLUS kills LIVE fleas over a 48-hour period, and then stops new fleas from being able to develop over the next 30 days.

Since the flea goes through four stages,

some fleas will be in the pupa stage, which is just before adults. Those fleas will continue to hatch out for a couple of weeks, so it is a good idea to realize that it can take a couple of weeks to be totally effective. The use of Flea Killer capsules during that time will kill those last fleas to hatch out. The Flea Killer capsules can be used as often as every day, but are most effective every five days for a month or more.

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